Bitkom Software Summit 2013: Transparency about Risks & Costs in Software Development

Sep 20, 2013 | Events

Today, software development is critical to business of nearly all domains: banking, insurance, automotive, construction, e-commerce and many others. Unfortunately, managing software development is still a huge challenge, because both, source code and the process of creating code, are largely invisible to the management. To guarantee an efficient management of software development, CIOs, project managers, architects and all other roles involved need to obtain (but currently do not have) objective answers on questions such as:

  • Where are complexities in the application landscape?
  • Is all code tested before going into production?
  • Where are costly development hotspots?
  • How is the quality of the code that the vendors deliver?
SeereneTM at Bitkom Software Summit

At this year’s Bitkom Software Summit Dr. Johannes Bohnet will present an approach that applies business intelligence and visual analytics on the data that is already collected in every software development project. Data is taken, for example, from the code itself and from the versioning system, which stores each individual coding step from day zero. With our approach, coding risks can be seen while they are being created and, by this, costly refactorings and bug-fixes are avoided. We present industrial case studies that demonstrate the approach’s huge potential of decreasing development costs and of increasing development speed.

The Bitkom Software Summit is designed as an interdisciplinary forum for bridging relevant software areas such as software development and tools, software architecture and embedded systems or software quality management. As such, the Software Summit offers different opportunities for knowledge exchange and networking aimed at interdisciplinary roles. In the end, the Bitkom Software Summit is meant to close the gaps between all the different disciplines within the process of developing software – that’s why we are looking forward to participate and share our view on gaining transparency within that space. Please feel free to contact us on-site and we would love to see you as a guest at our talk.

In a nutshell:

Bitkom Software Summit
24th of September 2013 | Frankfurt am Main
Maritim Hotel Frankfurt, Theodor-Heuss-Allee 3‎,
60486 Frankfurt am Main

From 15.30 until 16.00 p.m.:
Dr. Johannes Bohnet on “Transparency about Risks & Costs in Software Development”

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