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Seerene's Mission

Seerene helps to transform software engineering into real engineering by providing organizations an AI-based, data-driven management platform that cuts risks and achieves higher quality, speed and efficiency for software development.

Our Roots

Based on more 15 years of academic research, Seerene’s software analytics dates back to a research project at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) that investigated how data on software as intangible, dynamic, and abstract phenomena can be analyzed, visualized and understood. The original idea was to come up with technology for a kind of “software cartography”.

Dr. Johannes Bohnet, co-founder of Seerene, investigated concepts and techniques of software maps as a starting point for visual software analytics in his dissertation. Today, they form part of Seerene's platform that help customers to deliver reliable, dependable and affordable software systems on a consistent basis.

Seerene has since been recognized by Gartner as Cool Vendor and by McKinsey and Google as B2B Scale-Up of the Year and was selected by Microsoft for its 2018 ScaleUp program. 


Meet the Management Team

Leadership Team.003
Marc Hildebrandt
Founder, Executive Chairman

As the Executive Chairman, Marc leads both the company and the board of Seerene. 

As an entrepreneur, Marc has garnered over 17 years of experience in starting, growing and exiting highly successful technology companies as the CEO and Founder of his holding company, German Deep Tech. One of his first projects was LandXplorer in 2002, which was acquired in 2008 by Autodesk, Inc., in San Francisco and helped transform Autodesk into the immediate leader in 3D geospatial visualizations. 

Dr. Johannes Bohnet
Dr. Johannes Bohnet
Founder, CPO

As the Chief Product Officer, Johannes defines Seerene's product vision and strategy and ensures that the product perfectly meets the demands of the current and future customer markets.

Before founding the company Seerene, Johannes completed his graduate studies in physics at the German Universities of Heidelberg and Münster. After this, he worked as a research and teaching assistant at the Hasso Plattner Institute, where he built up and headed HPI's research group on software analytics and visualization. He finished his academic career phase with a Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Potsdam. In parallel to his scientific activities, he was working as an IT consultant and trainer at a renowned consultancy firm in Frankfurt for many years.

Johannes Bohnet

Sophia Friederike Hoehn
Sophia Friederike Hoehn
Head of Operations

Sophia leads Seerene’s Operations, Legal and Human Resource organizations. 

Prior to Seerene, Sophia was working as an International Project Manager at Palfinger where she quickly gained a reputation for being able to lead complex projects across eclectic domains. This included M&As with multinational companies across Eastern Europe and playing a pivotal role in the founding and scaling of a successful incubator in Russia. Sophia uses her myriad skills and experience to enable Seerene’s growth. 

Sophia Friederike Hoehn

René Freude
René Freude
Head of Engineering

René leads Seerene’s Engineering organization. 

Prior to Seerene, René was working at sprylab technologies, a company providing software solutions for the publishing market with many big enterprises as customers. At sprylab he was in the role of "Head of Product Development". Before this, he had gathered many years of experience as a project manager and software developer. René uses his great skills and experience to enable Seerene’s growth. 

René Freude

Mathias Hoehme
Mathias Hoehme
Vice President of Finance

Mathias is running our global finance function. 

Prior to Seerene, Mathias served as a Chief Financial Officer and a Senior Finance Director in various companies. He was also a managing director of a tax consultancy company. Mathias began his career at KPMG, where he passed the tax consultant as well as the German CPA exam in 2005.  

Mathias Hoehme

Dr. Bostjan Praprotnik
Head of Customer Success

Seerene’s Head of Customer Success, Bostjan manages his team to ensure that customers would get the most out of Seerene platform.

With over 20 years of experience in IT consulting, Bostjan offers a wealth of experience in architecture management and the definition of metrics for monitoring different IT processes. His previous work in advisory services for senior IT management, mentoring of project teams, consulting, presales and support allow him to ensure that customers get the highest value from Seerene.

Bostjan Praprotnik

Sebastian Hahn
Director of Product & Analytics

Prior to Seerene, Sebastian worked at the Visual Software Analytics Group of Prof. Döllner at the Hasso Plattner Institute. His expertise comprises the implementation and optimization of layout algorithms for software maps, applying machine learning techniques to software analytics data. Sebastian combines the deep understanding of software analytics, data-science methodologies and user-centered thinking to drive Seerene's product vision.


Meet the Client Success Team

Carsten Rönneburg
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As Client Director for Automotive, Manufacturing, Construction Industry, Telecommunications, Consumer Goods, Media and Science & Education, Carsten is responsible for cultivating strong relationships with our customers. He has 30 years of experience in building and growing customer relations in IT Technologies, B2B marketing, enterprise sales and public relations.
Torsten Fritz

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Torsten is the expert for the strategic implementation of demanding customer projects and thereby building sound partner relationships. As Client Director for Business Services, Finance & Insurance and Government, he oversees multiple projects with high focus and great attention to detail. Having over 20 years of sales experience in the enterprise software industry he is an expert in creating maximum value for our customers.
Florian Rennberger

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Florian is in charge of all customers in the Health Care, Travel, Logistics and Software sector as well as Startups and companies outside of DACH. Prior to Seerene, Florian was working at several SaaS companies in customer facing roles for complex technology solutions. Florian uses his analytical approach and background in business administration to fully understand the needs of customers. This way he always comes up with perfectly tailored solutions which help our customers to get ahead of their competition.

Company History


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HPI - Research Partner for Software Analytics

The Hasso-Plattner-Institute (HPI) for Digital Engineering is the leading university for IT systems engineering and software engineering in Germany thanks to its strong research, excellent study programs, extensive industry partnerships and the excellent educational standard.

Seerene collaborates with the HPI on a number of cutting-edge research projects. Seerene will participate as key industrial partner in the new upcoming AI lab for IT systems engineering to be founded at HPI.


German Deep Tech - Founding Partner

German Deep Tech is an entrepreneurial holding that is focused on building companies and scale their businesses in entirely new ‘deep tech’ categories.


German Deep Tech


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